Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to Wednesday! Finger Free Fashions!

Three little shop girls lost their mittens and they began to cry....

Oh, BTF dear, we sadly fear that we have lost our mittens"....
....What? Lost you're mittens? Well, we are glad we have a shop nearby!

Fingerless gloves are all the rave. Why you may say? There is a method to the madness:

1. Finger Free! Let the phone RING!
While the temps are cold outside, I find it hard to pull off the gloves every time I need to send a quick text or make a phone call. Fingerless gloves provide a toasty way of keeping those fingertips free!

2. A Splash of Color!
Wearing nothin but neutrals!? What a perfect way to add a touch of color & perfect way to highlight an outfit! Or flip flop it with the white above when your outfit carries the color!

3. Fashion Forward!
Leg warmers and fingerless gloves do serve great purpose, but of course they are also fashionable and add new flare! Try layering with arm warmers or pull into an outfit...Make people turn their heads. You are a fashion diva....own it! I adore these new mittens with a bow.

What!? Found your mittens?, you shall have some pie!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How To Wednesday! Rock those leg warmers!

The most commonly asked question this season at Bags That Fit is: How do I wear these leg warmers?? Well ladies...NEVER FEAR! BTF shop girls are HERE!

Welcome back leg warmers! Here are a few rules to keep you stylin and comfy cozy this winter.

Rule 1: NO NEON. The 80's were fun and though leg warmers have made a come back remember to keep it fashion forward. When choosing a leg warmer stick with neutrals and warm colors: Black, grey, brown, cream, warm red, plum & blue. Also, make sure the texture isnt too bulky. This is also extremely important if you want to minimize your calves. Bright colors are fun but have been known to make your calves look bigger. Esp. when wearing with a skinny jean. They are more bulky then tights and leggings so neutrals are ideal.

***Important Tip*** When tucking into boots... DO NOT choose a heavy texture and the rule is to let them peak out 2-6 inches.
Rule 2: Wear with tights & leggings. For those of you that love to wear skirts and dresses this is a great option to keep your legs toasty. Make sure they are below your knee and you pull partly over the heel of your shoe....also OK to wear with flats. Rule 3: If you are going to wear over your shoes with skinnies....DO NOT wear a tall boot! Wear an ankle boot. OR
You will risk looking like this! Notice how bulky...and how those bright bold colors are just a little too much!
Rule 4: For something a little less casual and more sophisticated you'll love our lace boot socks. Great with skirts, over leggings....
or over denim....

Rule 5: Have fun with your own personal style! Trust yourself, add your own twist and you can never go wrong!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How To Wednesday.....say "cheers" in style. Holiday must haves.

City sidewalks, busy sidewalks dressed in holiday style....the streets are rockin holiday fashion and so should you!

Must Have Basics:

1. Neutrals and Sparkle! My favorite place this time of year is NYC. The smell of candy nuts, the hustle and bustle and best of all the holiday windows! This year windows were not full of bright red and green holiday wear but robust with neutrals! Nude shear colors are perfect on skin tones and easy to mix with a pop of color! Keep in mind: gold, silver, winter white and blush. Below is a great top with just enough sparkle. Sparkle is important...but be careful of not too much. Keep it simple!

***Bonus Tip*** RECYCLE! Remember that hot black blazer in your closet? Before shopping check your closet first! You may already have a great basic!

2. A Fabulous Dress, Cardi & Bling! Though a basic black cocktail dress is classic, switch it up with lace and your new neutral flare! Throw on a cute cardi for a pop of color, and as always dress it up with pearls or sparkly jewels.
3. A Great Coat. A little mustard anyone!? A coat with a bold color will always turn some heads.

4. Whimsical Scarf. A scarf not only keeps you comfy and also serves as a wonderful accessory. Grab a scarf with flare! It can turn a dull sweater into a fantastic top! It also eliminates the need to wear other accessories. A perfect way to make a statement!

5. Fantastic Fingerless Gloves. Now these, for me, are a MUST HAVE! I love how they keep my hands toasty but I still have the ability to text on my iPhone! Great for those of you who have touch screens!

We hope these tips help lessen your wardrobe worries this holiday season. Our shop girls at BTF are always happy to help put together something perfect just for you. But remember your beautiful face is really what your friends and family want to see!

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season!

Much Love,

The Girls at Bags That Fit