Monday, August 30, 2010

Fall is in the air

Can you feel it? Fall is in the air. As sad as we are to see the lazy warm days of summer leave, we're excited for all the cozy goodies now entering our shop! Take a peek at what's been arriving through our doors...

‎"Ivory beauty" lace top $36. Velvet texture meets Ivory lace...that's what this lace top is. I think we all died and went to heaven when we opened the box! "Swiss braid" sweater cardigan $44. Available in grey, chocolate and taupe. Yummy!!

"Vintage Owl" watch necklace $22.

"Storybook hero" necklace $16. Sweet and simple.

"All Prettied Up" cardigan $36. Available in olive, black and brown. We love the crochet back and texture of this cardigan. Leave it open or pair it with one of our scrumptious belts.

‎"Oh captain, my captain" cardigan $42. How stinking cute is this?! We love the real "rope" belt too! Complete's the vintage nautical look. This is a show stopper for sure!

Love the "Anchor" buttons and rope detail. Just makes it special.

‎"Winding roads" cardigan $44. Available in cream, navy and black. Loving it with the grey lace over a yellow tank. Stunning combination.
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Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Orange Cone Free!"

Bags That Fit is offically "Orange Cone Free!"
The road construction surrounding our store and the freeway off-ramp is OVER!!!
**To Celebrate, THIS MONDAY Aug. 23rd, NEW FALL HANDBAGS WILL BE $10 OFF!!!!****
For many of our customers that often wonder if our NEW bags ever go on sale, Monday is your chance! One Day Only!!

****SPEND $100 and receive a FREE Gift!*****

Come help us celebrate! Let's keep our fingers crossed that we NEVER see these signs EVER AGAIN!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back to DENIM EVENT!! August 14

Learn BTF Deminology at our first "Back to Denim Event"! We will help you find the perfect fitting jean for your body type and review your dressing room denim checklist! So come on over, sip some lemonade and have FUN! As always we will have great tops and accessories to go with those new hot jeans!

Spend over $100 and get a FREE gift! *while supplies last

The first 20 people in get a free gift! *only one gift per customer.

See you there! August 14, 2010 from 10 am to 6 pm!

Your Dressing Room Denim Checklist

Oh Denim...You walk into the dressing room with a handful of jeans in your hand, hoping...praying...that at least one pair will fit.
One pair will make your butt look awesome.
One pair will be that "it" pair.
You know, the one that you always throw on and your girlfriends ask "Did you loose 10lbs?" and you just smile, knowing that it's just the jeans.
Your favorite pair of jeans that have suddenly become your new best friend. Once you've found that perfect pair of denim jeans, you treasure them...remember the brand and hope they never wear out.
The hardest part? FINDING the perfect pair of jeans!

We're here to help girlfriends!
We've heard your plea and your pain!!
We've created "your dressing room denim checklist".
By following these tips, we know getting a great fit will be easier.

*Waist-Check that the waistband sits comfortably and that your tummy or "muffin top" that we so endearingly call it, doesn't spill over. Bend and touch your toes to see if you're showing too much skin in back. If you are, you need a higher waistband.

Rise-A mid rise is universally fattering, lower works on short torsos, and higher is great on long torsos.

Hips and thighs-Avoid puckering or pulling, especially in the crotch area, as it will be unflattering and uncomfortable. Try to stay with a sleek and smooth effect.

Butt-Try on a pair that feels like it fits, then walk, sit down, stand back up, and take a second look. There shouldn't be any bunching or sagging.

Inseam-Jeans you wear with flats can break anywhere between just below the ankle and right above the ground. Jeans you wear with heels should be long enough to cover the back of shoes.

Fabric tips-Check the stretch. A pair with some stretch is ideal-jeans that have none at all can feel uncomfortable.

Check the wash. Darker rinses are versatile and slimming. Lighter rinses and embellishments (bling) draw the eye, so be sure they're on areas you want to stand out.

Still unsure? Need a little bit more help? Our shopgirls will help you find just the perfect pair of denim for your bodytype! We are here to help you!

Monday, August 2, 2010

How to wear the "Nautical Stripes" trend.

The adorable Nautical Trend is HUGE right now. The blue and white stripe and any thing sailor inspired. We're seeing it all over NYC and we've brought it to UT!
So How do you wear this trend, you may ask? Need some tips on how to wear those horizontal nautical stripes?

The wonderful Tim Gunn (fashion consultant) answers this question in Glamour magazine...
Q. I love stripes, especially blue and white nautical ones, but I find them very difficult to wear. They're just not flattering on me. Any advice?

A. "The fact of the matter is, you may be correct-nautical stripes can be hard to wear (but with a little help, you too can wear this trend). In fashion, nautical means horizontal, and in my experience, the larger the width of the stripe, the fewer people look good in it. Try narrower stripes and-since I assume that you're referring to knitted tops-try belting the item in either a corresponding or contrasting color. The belt's width should be wider than the stripes in the knit, because it will cause their width to diminish." Tim Gunn-Glamour Magazine
Pop on in and our shopgirls will help you try on a bunch of different styles of the nautical stripes. We will help you find one that's perfect for you!
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