Monday, August 30, 2010

Fall is in the air

Can you feel it? Fall is in the air. As sad as we are to see the lazy warm days of summer leave, we're excited for all the cozy goodies now entering our shop! Take a peek at what's been arriving through our doors...

‎"Ivory beauty" lace top $36. Velvet texture meets Ivory lace...that's what this lace top is. I think we all died and went to heaven when we opened the box! "Swiss braid" sweater cardigan $44. Available in grey, chocolate and taupe. Yummy!!

"Vintage Owl" watch necklace $22.

"Storybook hero" necklace $16. Sweet and simple.

"All Prettied Up" cardigan $36. Available in olive, black and brown. We love the crochet back and texture of this cardigan. Leave it open or pair it with one of our scrumptious belts.

‎"Oh captain, my captain" cardigan $42. How stinking cute is this?! We love the real "rope" belt too! Complete's the vintage nautical look. This is a show stopper for sure!

Love the "Anchor" buttons and rope detail. Just makes it special.

‎"Winding roads" cardigan $44. Available in cream, navy and black. Loving it with the grey lace over a yellow tank. Stunning combination.
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