Monday, August 2, 2010

How to wear the "Nautical Stripes" trend.

The adorable Nautical Trend is HUGE right now. The blue and white stripe and any thing sailor inspired. We're seeing it all over NYC and we've brought it to UT!
So How do you wear this trend, you may ask? Need some tips on how to wear those horizontal nautical stripes?

The wonderful Tim Gunn (fashion consultant) answers this question in Glamour magazine...
Q. I love stripes, especially blue and white nautical ones, but I find them very difficult to wear. They're just not flattering on me. Any advice?

A. "The fact of the matter is, you may be correct-nautical stripes can be hard to wear (but with a little help, you too can wear this trend). In fashion, nautical means horizontal, and in my experience, the larger the width of the stripe, the fewer people look good in it. Try narrower stripes and-since I assume that you're referring to knitted tops-try belting the item in either a corresponding or contrasting color. The belt's width should be wider than the stripes in the knit, because it will cause their width to diminish." Tim Gunn-Glamour Magazine
Pop on in and our shopgirls will help you try on a bunch of different styles of the nautical stripes. We will help you find one that's perfect for you!
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