Monday, July 26, 2010

How to wear the 2010 Denim Jacket

The Denim Jacket is back! Wait!!!...Before you get too freaked out, it's not the denim jacket you remember from the 1980's! This jacket is all grown up and looking better than ever! Are you needing some tips on how to wear this little number?
Well, you came to the right place.
Tip #1-When wearing a Deim jacket, you'll want to break up the jean on jean look with a top that's longer than you're jacket, like in the photo below.

Tip #2- To tacky-proof double denim, don't work two pieces that are the same wash at the same time. It's okay to wear denim jeans with your denim jacket, just make sure they are different washes.

Tip #3-Keep your accessories basic. A neutral belt, like in the photo above, or a neutral pair of shoes complement classic blues while adding interest to the outfit.

Tip #4- To avoid a boxy looking jacket, go for one that's slightly cropped and fitted.

By following these tips and adding your own twist, we know you're gonna love all the new denim jackets that are the hottest thing this fall!