Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BTF Denimology, Fall Trends

BTF Denimology...Wondering what looks in denim
to keep for this fall?
Keepers...Denim leggings, otherwise known as jeggings (coming this fall to BTF!) gray washes and trouser jeans (now available at BTF!).
Looks to loose...Over-embellished styles and ultralow rises. Stay tuned for info on our upcoming event! Soon to be announced.
Trust me, you're not gonna want to miss it!

Our Level 99 Chloe bootcut $98. Simple and classic. No over embellishments. Level 99 has some great trouser cuts coming this fall to BTF. If you've never tried on Level 99, you're gonna love the look and feel. They put a little bit of linen into every pant, which makes the denim so comfortable and lay perfect against your body.

Back view of Level 99 Chloe boot

Close up of Level 99 Chloe boot cut pockets.

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