Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dress My Mom Event! (or Me!)

Friday & Saturday 

10 am - 6 pm

This sweet girl "Miss Michelle" is also my sons preschool teacher. One day she came in the shop to look around.  I of course jumped in immediately and asked, "Can I put some outfits together for you?" She quietly said yes, but may have been a little skeptical....especially when I pulled out a belt! She started to giggle, "I can't wear a belt!" I replied, "Trust me, I'll show you!"  I knew she was very skeptical at this point, but she trusted me! Here is Miss Michelle's before & after shot. I saw this online the next day to which she replied, "I've never owned anything this cute!" And yes ladies.....check out the belt!

For some, dressing ourselves can be hard. In fact, after 6 years of dressing women and different body types, I still have a hard time dressing myself! But with a little help, practice,  & knowing a few simple rules--YOU CAN DO IT!! Embrace your curves, or even your non-curves! We can help you get what works for you!

LET ME DRESS YOU!  There is nothing more that I LOVE to do!

This Friday and Saturday I will be in the shop to Dress Your Mom! (Or you)! Come see me!

Miss Michelle!  You are beautiful both INSIDE & OUT!  HUGS!