Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to wear the sock and shoe trend

Sometimes strappy heels and sexy stilettos just aren't enough for your feet. They - like you - want more. And so NYC's most fashionable are stepping out in a new look - shoes with cute socks. We're bringing the trend and sharing it with all of UT! At first glance, the trend's very sweet but after seeing it sass up a look from all over the NY Market, heels and hose have become our new favorite. It's time to show your toes a little lovin'.

What was merely a trend restricted to runway shows, has been gaining more and more approval on the streets. It’s a very versatile trend when you think about all the options of socks and shoes that can be paired together.
If you are choosing sandals, make them heeled, to enhance sophistication to the look. As for the socks, the most popular are ankle and the over-the-knee socks - both worth buying or taking out of forgotten drawers - which are perfect for the days when you still want to show a little skin.
If the options above don’t suit your personal style, feel free to experiment with different sytles and different color compositions. Remember you can always stick to the classics and it will look preppy and cool.
You can sport this look today, drop on it to BTF and pick yourself up a pair of "frilly" socks.