Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dress Betty Contest!!! WIN $300 to Bags That Fit!

You have all seen her in the shop and on Facebook...YUP, good 'ole Betty! We have so much fun dressing Betty every day and thought, hmmmm. why not give our customers a chance to dress her up and WIN something too!

March 30 to April 16

How to get in on the action:
1. Go to Bags That Fit
2. Find the dress form that says "DRESS BETTY"
3. Pick ANY outfit from the store and DRESS BETTY! Shopgirls can't give you any help picking out your outfits...this is all you! Be creative!
4. Take a picture of BETTY after you dress her up.
5. Upload YOUR BETTY creation photo to Bags That Fit Facebook wall.
6. GET VOTES! Tell your friends, family, post on your facebook to go to Bags That Fit Facebook wall and click "like" under YOUR photo of Betty!
7. By April 16, whoever has the MOST likes. WINS!

What will I win??
First place: We will look at your picture and add up EVERYTHING on BETTY. For example, If you have a belt on her you'll get $22, jeans $98, $34 top so if you win you'll get: $154 of in store credit to get WHATEVER you want! *up to $300!! So be creative!!
Second place: Any top for FREE in the shop!
Third place: Any necklace and earrings for FREE!

So, what are you waiting for! Come see us, have some fun and DRESS BETTY!!! Good luck! We can't wait to see what all you fashionistas come up with!