Wednesday, November 16, 2011

HOW TO tips and tricks to organize your closet

How to have an organized closet? I'm so glad you asked!
Let's get right down to business, shall we?!

Often overlooked but definitely the most important "how to" of the "how to" is the hanger. Wooden hangers are the most kind to your clothing, plus it makes your closet look just a tid bit prettier. Throw out all those wire and cheap plastic hangers!
Oh the ever pressing question of how to store your favorite pair of boots. Well, ladies I've found the solution. Grab your favorite 2liter bottle and shove it, in your boot. This helps them stand up and you can line all your boots up in a row. No more will your boots be laying down and taking up so much room in your closet!

What to do with all those extra buttons? Find a cute container and keep it in your closet. Then when you get an extra button you have a place to store it and when you loose a button from your favorite top, you know where to find it.

Now you've found that missing button, what do you do? Sew it back on! Put together a mini sewing kit that is stored in your closet. This makes repairing clothing or sewing a button back on, a snap.
Purchase a small ironing board like this one (I found it at Ikea) with a hanger. It takes up minimal space and makes for a fast ironing job.
In a rush and don't have time to break out the iron? Your flat iron will work in a pinch! I've used it for many a ruffle and a much needed pressed hem.
What to do with all your handbags? A pursehanger of course! This little beauty frees up so much shelf space in my closet. Find yours at It's great for scarves and belts too!
Speaking of belts and scarves...I like to use a panthanger. I found this one at Target and it's a great space saver! I can see all my belts and scarves which makes them so much easier to find, then if they were thrown in a basket or drawer.
Try these few tips and see how much more organized your closet can become! Do you have a favorite tip? Oh, please do share!