Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How To Wednesday! Colored Denim is HOT!

There is no denying it...colored denim is here to stay this spring! I can't stop smiling! There is something about color that just makes me happy! After years of wearing blue, black and grey denim--I am more then thrilled at the rainbow of choices available!

What color is your favorite?
This trend is fairly new and for those of you still warming up to it, here are some "How To Wear Colored Tips"

1. Contrast. It's all about contrast. Try a simple neutral pattern and pair it up with a cardi in the same color family--just don't match the blues exactly. Mix & match colors. Try blue and pink, or mustard with navy.

2. White, Black or Neutral. Attention will go to the pants if you keep the colors basic. These blue pants POP against a neutral, soft patterned top. However, when in doubt, wear white! Attention is sure to go to the pants and not seem like overkill!

3. Solids or Low Key Pattern. Patterns are so fun! But when your wearing colored denim be sure NOT to go overboard. An overly pattered shirt will scream LOOK AT ME! You want to draw attention but pick one. Denim or top?

*Secret Tip* Wear the same colored shoes! This tricks the eye and will make your legs look longer!!

4. Keep Accessories Simple! When wearing denim try not to be too matchy, matchy. Let your jeans do the talking. Throw on a spring scarf or simple earrings. Just make sure you don't keep them all the same color! You don't want to look like a blueberry!

5. Keep is casual. Don't go overboard. When wearing color try a denim blazer/jacket or a casual tee.

Spring brings new flowers, new leaves and new beginnings! Why not try a new trend--one that can brighten anyones day! As always, our shop girls are there to help! We are more then happy to help you pull off this new trend and make your closet a colorful rainbow!