Monday, November 12, 2012

Holiday Stocking Stuffer Ideas

It's that time of year!! No worries, Bags That Fit to the rescue! We will help you fill those stockings and give you fashionable gift ideas everyone will love!

Our handmade Vintage-style "Peekaboo Lace" is a fabulous stretch lace sleeve that fits on your calves & peeks out of the top of your boots. Wear them on your leg, over tights, leggings or skinny jeans. With ankle boots, go a smaller size and scrunch them down towards the ankle. They are lightweight, will hold your pants in place & will not create that extra bulk or warmth within the footing of your boots. You won't even feel the extra layer! Wear them over leggings or denim, or simply wear them on just your legs. If you choose to wear them over leggings or denim, go up a size than if it was just on your leg.

They are a cute accessory to dress up any outfit!

Available Colors:

Vintage Grey

Sizes Available:

Small for calves up to 14"
Medium for calves up to 15"
Large for calves up to 16"

Each sleeve is 8" long.....enough for some scrunching and gathering of the lace, if you'd like.

They are the perfect stocking stuffer, add to your wardrobe with more than one color so they can be mixed and matched with your outfit. All ages are wearing these.

Come on down to BTF today! Our shop elves/girls will be happy to help!