Monday, July 20, 2009

Girly Girl Trunk Show Vendor-Meet Mindy

To help get you all excited for the Girly Girl Trunk Show coming up on July 31st from 3pm-8pm, we wanted you to meet some of our sweet Girly Girl Jewelry Vendors. This is just a sneak peek into their fun lives and amazing jewelry.
Our first Girly Girl Jewelry Vendor is Mindy Tippets and this is her story...
1. What would you love to tell the customers about your line? I like to make jewelry that I would wear myself. I love pieces that are versatile, welll-made, and eye-catching. I feel that jewelry should be the final accent that completes a look; it should be beautiful without being gaudy - something that you see, but doesn't drown everything else out. My favorite materials to work with are gemstones - they are beautiful, and come in a tremendous assortment of shapes, colors, and styles. I also use a variety of other materials - glass, clay, wood, resin, etc. in my pieces, and I use a lot of silver (sterling silver and silver plated) as accents in my jewelry.

2. What do you love most about making your jewelry? I love "making things", and I can't seem to get enough of it! I enjoy the whole creation process - from seeing something that sparks an idea, to choosing the materials, to actually making the item - it is so fulfilling. I love to create in 3-dimensions, where you can explore the item through physical touch. I love accents - they captivate your eyes and add that "special something" to whatever they're attached to.
3. Where do you get your inspiration for your jewelry? My main inspiration comes from the beads themselves. I love going to bead fairs, picking up a strand of beautiful beads, and imagining what I could make with them. It is fun looking for beads with unique colors and shapes, and getting flashes of ideas of how I could use them. I also enjoy browsing through books, magazines, and the internet to find fun and current styles and colors to incorporate into my jewelry.

4. When did you start making jewelry and why? I love rocks - I've always loved rocks. I used to sit for hours on the side of a mountain trail, along a river, or by my Grandma's farmhouse driveway looking for that perfectly round and smooth rock. My eyes were always searching for interesting-colored rocks; I especially loved the "peanut butter" ones. I still love going to the "washes" in the Central Utah desert to search for lovely quartz, agate, and jasper rocks to put in my rock garden at home. I guess it's no surprise that when I discovered jewelry-making about six years ago that I fell in love with gemstone beads - they are, after all, rocks! I soon became addicted, and my love of beads spread to all types - glass, wood, ceramic, clay, etc. - I love them all. It is so fun starting with the raw materials (beads) and through the creative process, coming out with a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry.