Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Studio 5

Whoosh! So glad that the Studio 5 segment is over! So stressful! I want to load the video to our blog but can't quite fiqure out how. :) Computers...argh!
Anyway, until I do, here is the link for those
of you who missed it.
Drop us a comment and let us know WHY you love Bags That Fit and want to choose us as one of your top "3" favorite local businesses!
The best answer will receive a
$25 gift certificate from the boutique!
Hurry and let us know-this offer expires July 15th.


ker said...

Hey Amber, I've never been to your boutique. I drove by and looked in the windows on 4th July (while in Lehi for a family reunion.) What a great little place. Since I live in Spanish Fork, I don't get over there too often, but after seeing the place- I'm going to make a special trip for sure! You were so fabulous on tv today!

Mackenzie said...

Hey...I have to say I love your store for a few reasons:
1. I love that you are local and that you support local women.
2. The stuff in your store is flat out FANTASTIC! I love the bags, jewelry, everything. You manage to be hip without being too trendy. Love the vintage feel.
3. Your staff is second to none. Each time I have been there, I have been impressed with the helpfulness and friendliness of those behind the counter. That kind of service is a rarity these days.

I am certainly looking forward to the jewelry trunk show. Hopefully we can make a girls day of it!

loven it! said...

Hi there!! So I have to say I do LOVE your shop! I have been in there on a few occasions and bought a few things. My first stop by was after I had my third baby and I was looking for some cute jeans! Well, of course I found the cutest, most comfortable jeans and bought them! I was very impressed with the friendliness and customer service i found there in your store! I came back another time and found a cute top to wear out on a date! I have to admit that I don't shop a lot because I do have 3 kids and we all know it is not the easiest to shop with kids in tow. But when I am looking for something cute I stop by because you are close and you carry things that you don't see everywhere!! I would love the to receive the gift certificate because I just saw your cute new jeans and might have to stop by and purchase them!! I have not even mentioned the bags!! love the bags!! You guys are definitely a number one shop for me!

Amanda said...

Hi. My name is amanda I have been to your store a few times and love it. I love all your bags and jewlery. I sport the jewlery well. And can't wait for your girls nite sounds like a blast.

Heather Ann said...

Can I say I LOVE, Love your boutique, can't get enough.. wish my pocket book could have an endless amount to spend in your store as i'd be in heaven! I ALWAYS recommend people to your cute store, and have always enjoyed chatting with whomever is working! I love it! With such praise, hopefully I can win! ;)
hint... hint...

The Lierd's said...

Why is Bags That Fit one of my favorites?? Well that's an easy one! The products and mechandise selection is hand picked. I know when I walk in, I can always find something to boost my confidence, whether it is a great bag, a cute piece of jewelry, or that "oh you look good" outfit. And to make it even better, when you buy a pair of jeans, tailoring is offered, which makes that perfect fit, perfect for you! I love it! I know the quality and style are one of the best offered in Utah! And not to mention...the last item I bought (a very cute little black dress), happened to give me a little romance that weekend! Who knew a boutiue could offer so much!

jan'a said...

I am so happy that your is one that is actually making "it" in Lehi. I tried to start a floral and home decore store a couple of years ago and had to close after 8 months! So big kudo's to you! Your piece on Studio 5 was awesome! I am so happy to see that you are also wanting to help the communitee by keeping the buying local. I have not been to your store yet, However, I will be seeing you tomorrow! Congratulations!

Bags That Fit said...

You made us *blush*. You're all so kind and sweet. We are going to have a hard time choosing just one comment as the winner. So on Wed July 15th we're going to put all your names in a hat and pick one. We love you all and are so incredibly thankful for all your support! Love the girls from Bags That Fit