Thursday, August 20, 2009

How do I keep my bag looking shiny and new?

How do I keep my bag looking shiny and new?
Keeping a purse looking new and sparkly sometimes can seem like a real chore, but it doesn't always need to be.
I found some fast and easy tips to help you keep your bag looking shiny and new.

Man Made Leather-Take a soft damp cloth to periodically wipe down the outside. This helps to get rid of everyday dust and minor spills.
Just a periodic cleaning will keep your purse looking new.

Cotton Bags-Take cotton purses and throw into washing machine with a touch of dawn or shampoo (gets rid of the body oils) on cold water and the gentle cycle. May sound primitive but these are safe and gentle on your items. When done washing, tumble dry on low heat or air dry. Do not dry on high heat as this can damage the fibers, aging your purse fast.

Dry Clean Only-Dry clean only purses should always visit a dry cleaners. Don't wait until it's dirty. Get it cleaned once a month. Don't try to do this at home with home dry cleaning kits. These could damage your bags.

A woman's purse can be one of the dirtiest items you own next to your shoes. Wash your hands often and never place your bag on the floor and spray down with a light spray of Lysol from time to time. This will help cut down on the germs you spread unknowingly with your purse.

When that purse becomes a bit tattered, trade it in for a new one. Stitching becomes old and easily broken. This can make it easy for a thief to rip your favorite handbag from your clutches.

Hope these tips help to give your handbag a longer life. When you are ready for a new bag just come on in and we will help fit you with the right bag for your body, style and taste.