Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh Cardigans...How do I love thee!

By now it’s hardly news that Bags That Fit Girls like their cardigans. From beautiful rusty reds to delicious sugary cremes.

The result: a renewed interest in a sweater that's never gone out of style. Designers across the board reworked the essential cover-up for fall, proving that there are a million ways to wear it, from preppy to classy and everywhere in between.

We love cardigans with a long and languid silhouette. Pair it with a light and thin turtleneck or a soft tee. The cropped cardigans add texture and a pop of color. They look great with jeans tucked into boots. The perfect jean to wear with boots? Of course, is always a skinny jean. The best part? When skinny jeans are tucked into boots they work perfect with any body type!


tahnie said...

So cute! I think I definitely need one, or two...or three.

Bags That Fit said...

I know! I'm going to take some myself!