Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Touch of Kindness

Cutest customer came in the other day and she left as a new friend. She purchased our most popular long crystal necklace and several of our chunky charm bracelets for Christmas gifts for friends and family. She was so sweet while choosing out exactly the perfect charm and piece of jewelry for each friend.
My mom and I began to gift wrap each piece of jewelry for her as we proceded to chat and get to know each other. She told us that it was the personal touch of friendship, customer service and our beautiful gift wrap that brought her into our boutique and out of the cold and impersonal big box stores. It was so sweet of her to notice our hard work and to choose to support us! It's because of customers like her that we love what we do. We truly enjoy getting to know each of you and are so grateful for your support. This sweet lady just touched my heart and I wanted to share her example of kindess with you. We could all use a little more kindess in our lives.