Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Coat Drive Update

Thanks to everyone who donated a coat to the coat drive! We had such an overwhelming response! So many sweet customers brought in not only gently used but new coats as well! One sweet lady brought in 2 large bags full of coats! We are so impressed and touched by how giving our customers are. You really went the extra mile and we are so appreciative!

We dropped some of the coats off at the school a few days before Christmas. The Vice Principal greeted us with tears in her eyes! She was so amazed with how many coats we had to donate. She immediately started to separate the coats by size. She got on the phone and started to call all the families in need to let them know that a coat was now available for them.

I cannot say "THANKS" enough! The impact you made on a child's life and on their families lives will always be remembered. My husband grew up extremely poor. He said it was always the kindness of strangers that he remembers.

I pray that this coming year we as a community will continue to help others in need. Thank you again! I wish I could give you all a big hug!


Relics said...


The coat drive sounds wonderful, what a fantastic thing to be able to do for your community. A+!

We did a food drive during the holidays at our store and the funny thing is, people are still bringing us in food... everybody still wants to keep helping keep giving... I'm going to try the coat drive next year.

Thanks for the inspiration,
deb @ relics