Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What's YOUR New Year's Resolution?

Another year has come and gone...are you better or worse for it? Did you accomplish your goals? Have you reached your potential? Have you achieved all that you wanted to do or become?

At the end of the year, after Christmas decorations were taken down, I asked myself these questions. I don't think I quite conquered all that I wanted to do and become. When I started to think of this year and my goal and accomplishments for this year, I really looked inside myself.

I thouht of everything I have learned this year through personal and business trials. I realized I wanted to learn to accept myself for who I am and accept others for who they are. My new year's resolution: to be comfortable in my own skin. To stop trying to be someone and something I'm not. To embrace the independent, headstrong person I am and to stop apologizing for it.

So, after having a few days since Jan 1st, have you declared your New Year's Resolution? When you look back at the end of this year, I hope you have become whatever it is that you want to be. I am so excited for all the amazing possiblities this year will bring. I wish you much happiness.

Thank you again and again for all your continued support over this last year! We will continue to make Bags That Fit, as one beautiful customer recently said, "Your little piece of Happiness!"

Love, the Girls from

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