Thursday, February 25, 2010

So, how do I wear this scarf?...

So, you bought that new fabulous scarf from Bags That Fit for only $19 and now you're wondering how to wear it...well, we are here to rescue you!

Wear it on a handbag-Tie it around your new spring bag! What? You don't have a new bag? Well, wake up that old tired bag with a bright spring scarf. A bright spring scarf turns any handbag into a style statement.

Don't overwhelm your face-tying on too big of a scarf for your face and body just looks too overwhelming. If you're a petite person, go for a thinner scarf, not quite as bulky.
Do wear a scarf with your dressy atire-Yes, you can wear your favorite scarf with your new spring dress! A scarf is a great accessory to cover your arms on cool spring evenings.

Do wear your scarf as a spotlight accessory-Just adding this white scarf to a basic black outfit makes it look more sophisticated.

Don't wear a scarf as an afterthought-When wearing a scarf don't just throw on any random scarf. A wider scarf would have looked better worn draped over her shoulders for an evening look.

With a few tips and pictures you can look fabulous wearing any bright new spring scarf. Drop on in and we can help you pick out the perfect scarf just for you.
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