Tuesday, February 16, 2010

YOU asked for it!!

You asked for it!!! REAL LEATHER bags at an affordable price...Only $125! I know, we can't believe it either!!

For a REAL LEATHER bag you would plan on spending a minimum of $300! We were so excited to find these bags at such an affordable price! Normally, we would have a hard time finding a real leather bag for $125 at wholesale price! We did tons of digging and research to find such an amazing quality bag at a great price for you.

They have so many pockets including an outside pocket for a phone and it's even a big enough pocket to fit an Ipod. The bags come in such beautiful spring colors. They are super soft with amazing texture. Need a wallet to match? No problem! We've got those too!

Hurry in, because at a price like this they are going fast!!