Friday, October 15, 2010

How to layer a dress in 3 different ways

Want to stretch your wardrobe? Shake things up a bit? Try out a new look? Sometimes just a by adding a different accessory or by adding an additional layer, you can completely change the look of an outfit. Let us show you how!

We just got in the "All wrapped up" dress $38. By itself it's sweet and feminine, but by adding accessories we can change it up and create a whole new look.

Simple and Stylish- We took the "All wrapped up" dress $38 in gray and added a teal lace tee $22 to show a pop of color. Accented with a thin rope black belt $22 and a vintage rose and bird necklace $16. Pair this look with some Charcoal colored or black boots and it would be fabulous! This look is for the more simple lady. Just a touch of color and a few accessories. This look lets the dress become the main focus.
Cozy and vintage- We wanted to go for a more vintage look this time. Again we started with the "All wrapped up" dress $38 and added a beige lace tee $22 for more of a warm look and feel. we topped it with the "Ivory crochet" cardigan $36 which helps to warm up the grey color, a sweet ruffle belt $22 in brown and brown leggings $24. Yes ladies, you can mix blacks, grays and browns! We accented with a vintage necklace $16 for a final touch.

Feminine and Snuggled- This look is a combination of the other two looks. It's not quite as simple as the first, but not as layered as the 2nd. The "All wrapped up" dress $38 once again with the beige lace tee. Instead of a ruffle brown belt, this time we went for a gray ruffle belt that has tan highlights. This belt is darling!! We warmed it up by adding an infinity scarf in cream $19, which I love! The infinity scarf is such a hot item for this fall and it looks great with this dress. We ditched the leggings in this look, but you could add some tights and brown boots.
There you have it...One dress, styled 3 different ways. Learning how to create different looks and mixing and matching items, you can stretch the looks in your closet as well as the dollars in your handbag!
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Aubree said...

Love posts like this! I have got to come in and get a lace tee!